Experience with Dr. Pradeep Tiwari was great - both in terms of his in-depth medical knowledge and ability to patiently explain the nuances. I will certainly recommend him as the go to the doctor.

Tanuj Govalkar

State of art infrastructure and very good quality care was provided by Dr. Pradeep Tiwari and his team. I would definitely recommend this hospital.

Vinay Chhallani

Excellent services at an affordable cost. Much needed Clinic in the location.

Manisha Pithwa

We are very satisfied with his treatment & consultations. Dr. Pradeep is very approachable & his guidance during my Father’s recovery period has proved to be very beneficial.Thank you.

Lavina Terence

Dr. Pradeep is best gynaecologist. He is very positive and take care of patient very well, over all good experience with Dr. Pradeep Tiwari.

Anuja Shinde

Best Clinic with all facilities.Excellent and prompt service Keep up the good work Dr.Pradeep.